Bmw f10 530d egr delete

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Bmw f10 530d egr delete

Are you building a race car or converting a car to off-road use only? Start by replacing the restrictive factory DPF filter and exhaust with this mandrel bent downpipe and allowing the exhaust to flow freely! This exhaust fit perfectly and is made from heavy duty Stainless. Not a cheap system. Very nice. A bit louder, but my wife likes the way the car sounds now. Great product!

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Quality at its very best! Very happy with product and fitment! Highly recommend! Very high-quality made downpipe. Easy to install, Excellent customer support. Couple this down pipe and mid pipe with JR stage 2 tune and really wakes the d up.

Toggle menu Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0. Super car territory AARodriguez Corp. Call AARodriguez Corp. RSS Syndication. MK4 Brakes 1. Replacement Parts Wheel Accessories. Bearings Bushings, bumpers and mounts Steering Struts and Shocks. Turbo Accessories VW Turbos. You save. Do you understand that products which modify emissions systems are for off-road use only and are NOT street legal?

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Yes, I understand this and am aware my car will not pass emissions testing. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Share This Article. Product Videos. Custom Field. You May Also Like Quick view Details. JR Auto Tuning. Choose Options. Recommended Quick view Details.Deleting the EGR to reduce carbon build up has crossed my mind many times, and coming across this, again, makes me think it's a good thing to do I have heard conflicting reports, but mainly in favour.

I am certainly going to be doing mine, plus a de-cat front pipe. Un-chocked and un-strangled, got to be better. EGR Delete. EGR delete. To put in a egr delete, is it just the case of uploading the map you have already modifying it and reloading, if so how easy would it be to find the egr bit.

Are you having any trouble with your car to make you think that you might have an EGR problem?

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I know the diesel ones can gunk up but if petrol ones do have them i dont think that would you get half as much gunk in a petrol engine but im sure someone on here will have the answer. One person said it would increase fuel consumption because it would take longer for the engine to warm up- but the heat you would gain from the EGR cooler is very minimal- gas to liquid heat exchange is very inefficient.

Not to mention the fact that firstly, it's called an EGR "cooler" and, secondly, it has it's own, dedicated, thermostat, so the heat exchanged is not supposed to cool the gas until the coolant reaches a certain temperature. Another person said don't delete the egr because " 3 re-mappers told me not to", with no reason whatsoever. Let's not forget that remapping vs deleting an EGR is a different ball game in all honesty, so there are doubts as to whether those remappers know much about removing the egr or not.

This is exactly my train of thought: un-choked engine, clean intake air, and most important of all: COOL air entering the engine. I know removing the egr vacuum pipe will switch the Check Engine Light on, but does anyone know if connecting it back up again will get rid of it? I don't mind driving with the Check Engine light on Let us know how you get on with removing it as would be interested with the outcome as i did consider deleting the EGR but didn't do it as the reply s i had didn't convince me that it was the right thing to do.

As for the EGR Valve, on the e60 this is a little bit more intricate then the e39 and i would be inclined to remove it and give it a good clean on a regular bassis along with degunging the inlet manifold at the same time, also use a product like Millers in your fuel tank every so often to help with the carbon deposits. On the negative side, the net probably boils down to EGR delete exhaust valve thermal damage - at which, you can only make an educated guess over the long run At the end of the day, having an EGR will ultimately shorten the life of your entire engine - whereas removing it will at worst, only mean exhaust valve damage and a recon' cylinder head.

Now that I've thought this through to write this postI'm strongly inclined to go for a delete - but I am concerned that remappers regard it as inadvisable Hang on, cooler combustion air is better for the engine, you know, less chance of early detonation etc.

With an egr delete, yes, the fuel would then detonate at a higher temp, but there's also cooler air entering the engine, so I would say they cancel each other out, OR even if it increases the exhaust gas temps, it would only be a few more degrees, so C vs. Remappers, hmmm, just how qualified are they to give good, solid advise? Personally, I'd take their advise with a massive grain of salt, most of them are cowboys.

I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of them just loaded maps they've obtained from one place or the other, and have built up the associated bullshit talk to convince people they know what they're doing.

bmw f10 530d egr delete

Just like dealer mechanics theses days "No need to check the coolant temperature sir, it's all done on computers these days! I did say majority! For example, BMW now do a remap kit for a few of their diesel cars, but along with the new ecu, they also fit a bigger radiator, cooling fan and intercooler- how many remappers do that?

Incidentally, was browsing flebay yesterday and came across this egr delete valve I would seal the end of the pipe though. I think everyones missing the point of why the egr is their in the first place By recirculating some of the exhaust gas back into the intake you help lower the soot coming out the tailpipe.

My BMW 530d (F10) - Downpipe, EGR off

Its a fairly old idea but it does work and it has added benifit of a slightly quicker engine warm up. What are you diesel exhaust gases made up of? You have alot of carbon particles which are being reingested by the engine. And before anybody says "but it must be a good thing or the manufacturers would not fit them", the same can be said of DPF's No, egr's are their for lowering emissions primarily, and the car manufacturers could not really care if it means a bit of extra wear to the engines internals especially when older.

All my cars have had the egr disconnected and actually ran better for it fresh air all the way!View My Garage. Enjoyed reading the review and experiences you have had with the Bimmer. EGR is slow suicide of a diesel engine.

bmw f10 530d egr delete

Thanks to FM Sankar, I realized this early on in my ownership of my first diesel which I bought last year and inserted a plate which has a small hole partial delete at around 6k kms. With just that much run, the goo of soot and oil was already doing its work of coating the intake pipe.

I am saving up to get a downpipe done at Blackworks too and probably will do a full EGR block too at the time. Also wanted to know why you don't suggest fuel additives.

Is it for just this car or any diesel car? Waiting for more updates and pictures from you side. Last edited by tharian : 4th July at Originally Posted by ImmortalZ. I will need a new set of rims to accommodate that size. I have the non M-Sport poverty spec 17" rims. Originally Posted by tharian. Originally Posted by GTO. Please get the facelift's 5-spoke rims. I hear they are trading hands 30k for the set I am myself on the lookout for a set.

By the way, both of us have done a lateral upgrade from a Civic to a d. Last edited by ImmortalZ : 4th July at That was a great read Immortalz. Glad everything is now coming together. Kudos to you and kudos to Venkat blackworks. He is a great guy. He has worked on my CRV and the immense pleasure I get everyday from driving her A thorough professional both him and Joe. As you said too, they won't cut any corners. They would rather reject a client than take any easy shortcuts. Wish you many happy miles with that beautiful beast of a car!!

Last edited by Fullrevs : 4th July at Carbon rich recirculated exhaust gasses leave deposits within the EGR valve which restrict or damage the EGR valve causing vehicle faults. The EGR valve on these vehicles is designed to redirect a portion of the vehicles exhaust gases back to the engine through the intake manifold. Carbon rich recirculated exhaust gasses enter the EGR valve before the intake manifold, over time Carbon deposits gather in the EGR valve and can interfere with the operation of the EGR valve flap and can block air flow.

Resulting in reduced fuel economy and vehicle performance. Often this build up damages the EGR valves which are expensive to replace. This malfunction of the valve or blocking of the exhaust port causes Detonation also known as pinging or spark knock causing misfiring or rough idle. Many examples can be found across the internet showing these EGRs completely blocked up with carbon; significantly reducing airflow to the intake. Vehicles with an electronically operated EGR will show a fault code which will need to be mapped out.

This is the same for all suppliers of EGR blanks whether stated or not. Part numbers are for guidance only, please inspect your EGR to ensure you are purchasing the correct blank. Our kit allows easy replacement of the EGR valve with our improved design part which stops any recirculated exhaust gases entering the intake manifold.

bmw f10 530d egr delete

Resolving vehicle faults and stopping carbon build ups in future. This allows the engine to breath better which can improve vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Our EGR blanking kit stops these recirculated exhaust gases entering the intake manifold, eliminating the risk of future build ups.

Our kit is the most comprehensive available including all components required to delete the EGR valve and will fit in the same way as the OEM part. You will receive:. Our kit is top of the range and the most comprehensive kit available. Check out our instructions and video to see how our kit allows you to successfully eliminate the EGR valve on your vehicle.

This repair stage is shown on the bench for clarity, it should be carried out on the vehicle and only the metal pipes should be removed, the EGR cooler should remain mounted and no other pipes removed. Clean up the mating faces of the EGR cooler and ensure they are free from loose rust, carbon deposits and grease. Locate our blanking caps on to each end of the cooler and reinstall the clamps ensuring the caps remain central as the clamps are tightened.

If you suspect the caps are not sealing repeat the process ensuring the caps are central, the EGR cooler has a wide tolerance so a sealing compound may be needed to make an air tight seal.

EGR delete kits

Remove 4x bolts retaining the EGR valve. Clean as much carbon from the intake manifold as you can from the hole now exposed. To be thorough the intake manifold could be removed and thoroughly cleaned. For instructions on this please check out our swirl flap instructions. Remove the old EGR to intake manifold gasket and replace with ours. Clean the mating face of the exhaust manifold, remove any loose rust, carbon or grease.

If your EGR valve is vacuum operated blank the pipe using our blank and secure with the cable tie. Using our supplied blanking plate, gasket, bolts and locking washers, blank the hole on the exhaust manifold.

Ensure the locking washers are installed between the bolt heads and the blanking plate. If the exhaust manifold is very corroded some sealant paste may be needed to create a seal. Using our supplied stainless steel bolts; secure the EGR delete tube to the intake manifold, do not over tighten the bolts. These should be nipped up just to create a seal on the EGR to intake seal.

Fit the intercooler hose to the EGR tube and secure using the jubilee clip. This completes the repair. Please also check out our instruction guide on YouTube. Installation is carried out at installers risk, if unsure please contact us or a professional, X8R Ltd cannot be held responsible for any adverse result of installing this product or any injuries caused by install, if in doubt ask a professional.Yes, Enda did mine! Come to the Kent meet, he'll be there. Don't get gash fumes going back into the engine, annoys environmentalists, better throttle response if faulty and smoother revving if faulty.

Oh but you may need it coding out as it's not done by default. Mine got done at the same time as a remap. Yup that's correct Amz. The car used to judder and rumble and the revs used to bounce until I pushed the throttle to wake it back up again!

The minute I deleted the egr, my low down power got restored, the throttle response improved, and the engine felt like It was breathing better through the rev range. No worries Amz. Top stuff shaz appreciate it. You can try it out yourself for free! Just disconnect the pipe running to it and screw a small screw into the silicone hose you've removed. Will lock it shut. Difference for me was night and day. You'll get an error code though, which will need to be cleared properly but they'll do that when you take it there.

Yeah bit pointless. Non oem part that sticks out like a sore thumb! I'd send it back and spend the money on some werthers.

Чиним систему EGR на BMW

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BMW 535D DPF and SCR cat delete - 3" (AAR2371)

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bmw f10 530d egr delete


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